Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missed Opportunities

I can't help but think, with all the Tiger Woods hype, that a golden opportunity is being missed here. Picture this television commercial:

(tight close up on Tiger's face, his Titleist cap visable on his head)

Tiger: You know, when I'm playing on the PGA tour, I count on my equipment. I rely on my irons on the fairway and my woods off the tee. My gear has to be the best.

(camera pulls back to reveal Tiger surrounded by 5 scantally clad buxom blonde women)

Tiger: It's no different when I'm off the course.

(Tiger holds up a box of Trojan Condoms - camera zooms in on the box)

(Camera pulls back as Tiger tosses the box - Camera pans with box)

Tiger: Hey Levi, try these

(Camera follows box into Levi Johnston's hands)

(Fade to black)

(Title overlay - Trojan - When your equipment HAS to be the best)

Well that's what I think