Friday, September 16, 2011

Jobs Report

I have noticed some things of interest about the jobs report released today. The first thing I noticed is that no new net jobs were created. Zero jobs.

I also noticed that many states lost jobs, and some states gained jobs, and some, not many, but some states have virtually no unemployment.

In looking at the states that lost jobs, New York, Georgia and DC lost the most jobs and California, Nevada and Michigan have the highest unemployment rates.

The states that gained jobs were Minnesota, North Carolina, and Arizona. North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska have unemployment rates below 5%.

I can't help notice that the blue states NY, CA, NV, MI, and DC are having the toughest time with jobs, the exception being GA, while the red states, ND, SD, NE, AZ, NC are having the best time with the whole job thing, again the exception is MN who just re-hired all the folks who lost their jobs in the budget battle there.

The other thing I noticed is the states where oil and gas production are encouraged, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, have statistically full employment.

Perhaps if the Obama administration were really serious about creating jobs, they might notice that oil and gas production creates good high paying jobs. They might also notice that states with low business taxes and fewer regulations are also having a better time with unemployment than those states with high taxes and more regulations.

Maybe it's just me.