Friday, September 18, 2009

Ok, Here goes.

Just who am I and why am I doing this? I have heard all this hype about blogging, and I just saw the movie Julie & Julia, so I thought I would give it a try.

Plus I'm thinking about running for Congress. Who better to have as a Congressman these days than an Ordinary Joe. I don't want to rant here, I do very little ranting, but come on, really. I saw a poll the other day that said 42% of the people polled believe that a random selection of folks from the phone book would do as good a job as the current congress (Rasmussen 9/1/2009) so I think now is as good a time as any for me to run. Besides, I need a job. I got fired from my last one as the result of an accident, but that is a story in itself.

Anyway, here you will find things I think about, hopefully on a regular basis. I've had some experiences I will try to tell you about, I might break out in poetry once in a while, and I hope to be adding some photographs from time to time.

As for my platform, well we will get to that. Mostly I'm about common sense (or in the case of the current political clime, uncommon sense). Energy and education are most important. After all what good is health care if you can't read the instructions on the medicine bottle.

I'm from a small town in nowhere Pennsylvania, and have returned there to live. I have traveled the United States and in my youth the world. That doesn't qualify me for much other than giving good directions, but it has been fun. I am approaching fifty with alarming rapidity, but I am looking forward to my AARP card. Funny thing though, I have a very hard time thinking of myself as much over 23.

What I hope to do most with this blog, however is to entertain, and hopefully to pass on a little of the wisdom which has been so graciously been handed to me by angels who have crossed my path. There have been many. One of those tidbits is that unless you are extremely careful, you learn something every day. I spent many days during my youth being extremely careful. I'm not so cautious anymore, and I am the better for it.

I hope you enjoy this Blog. I plan on doing so and perhaps we will meet often, to discuss the events of the day, or perhaps to simply sit and watch the deer as they graze in the yard, unmindful of the upcoming hunting season in which the may get blasted to kingdom come, or to the dinner table. That reminds me of a tee shirt I saw a while back that said

PETA - People for the eating of tasty animals.

I'll probably get in trouble for that, but I merely report - you make up your own mind.

That's all for now, see you here tomorrow.

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