Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts from the weekend

You just know it's going to be a good day when you drop your toast on the floor first thing and it lands jelly side up. Good for me!

Sorry I missed the last two days, not off to a good start am I. Oh well, better now than later when someone might actually be reading this. It was a very busy weekend. My lovely bride Beth and I were off to the 14th Annual New Bethlehem Peanut Butter Festival for fun and adventure. If one has never been to a Peanut Butter Festival, and we had not, one is not quite sure what to expect. Fun for sure, and adventure, and the unknown. Venturing out into the far reaches of New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is not that easy a task, though it is easier to find than Timblin.

Pennsylvania has some truly beautiful countryside, and we drove through a portion. We arrived in time for the Peanut Butter Parade. Quite a sight. It lasted a half hour, and was not so well appointed as other parades I have attended in the past, but for all that the citizens seemed to have a good time, and it was a good excuse for the locals to shine up the old tractor. The winner was something like a 1936 Olive, sorry I don't remember the owners name, and a quick Google search reveled no published results.

I can say with assurance, however, that rubber ducks number 48 and 95 did NOT win the duck race, though we went with high hopes for them. To be fair, given the slow current in the Red Bank creek, and the wind blowing the wrong way, it was quite a feat for our little ducks to cross the finish line at all. Oh well the Purina Duck Chow sponsorship wasn't looking good anyway.
On to more poignant things. I am still unemployed. Not much happens on the weekend, so the search continues today. Beth and I have been discussing the merits of Hot Dog Vending and so far the possibilities are promising. We decided that if I am elected to congress, we could move the hot dog cart to DC and sell tasty snacks in between votes on the House Floor. Running a country is a hungry business.

It was actually my political musings that lead us to the Peanut Butter Festival in the first place. The republicans were having an “event” there. Turns out that in Clarion County anyway, an “Event” amounts to a booth with a very friendly fellow pushing the importance of electing the right judges in this fall's election. I agree. Judges are important. They do a lot of judging. I guess Paula Abdul is done with all that now. I think Ellen will be funnier, but that was not the kind of Judge he was talking about. I haven't had time to read the literature yet, but I plan to. I'll let you know.

Of the stuff I've gleaned from my current Representative's web site, he is pretty much against everything the democrats say, and is pretty much for being against everything the democrats say. Hard to get anything done that way, though often not doing something is a good thing. Ah for the days of Newt and the contract for America. What happened to the party of Lincoln actually having an agenda and trying to do something, even if it's wrong.

My father wonders where he went wrong, I'm sure. I grew up in a Kennedy, Humphrey, McGovern household, and didn't actually become a Republican until Regan's second term. In fact I broke up with a girl because she voted for him the first time. Well that and she lived seven hours away and there were cute girls close by. What can I say, I was young.

Anyway, back to my ranting. If my party is ever going to be anything again, we need to stop simply being against everything and start coming up with some “outside the box” ideas of our own. As for the Jobs program, here is an idea, Legalize and tax marijuana. I don't smoke it anymore, haven't for a very long time, way past the statute of limitations, not for twenty-five years. But as hard as they are making it for me to smoke tobacco, I figure people ought to be able to smoke SOMETHING! If we were to be at all honest with ourselves, something sorely lacking in government, we would realize that Alcohol is far more damaging to our citizens and our society, and you can buy it anywhere. Hemp is easy to grow, grows in almost any climate and is one of the strongest fibers going. It can be used to make paper, clothing, rope almost anything that uses pulp or fiber. It also has medicinal as well as recreational uses, and though drivers often forget where they are going, and drive too slowly, it doesn't pose nearly the hazard texting and driving does. Put the farmers back to work and you boost the farm machinery manufacturing business, boosting the steel business, boosting the economy as a whole. Marijuana for jobs, that's what I say, but then I'm just an Ordinary Joe.

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