Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing the Boat.....Again

The New York 26 District congressional seat was lost by a lack of vision on the part of the Republican Party. Why we continue to let the Democrats eat our lunch with demagoguery full of lies is beyond me. Surely I'm not the smartest guy in the room, but even an Ordinary Joe like me can figure this one out.

Now, I don't mean to insult anyone here, but the country as a whole, has the attention span of a gnat. Everyone knows this. I myself, will flip channels the instant a commercial comes on. I just don't have the patience. So when we see an image of granny being pushed off a cliff in her wheel chair by a Paul Ryan look-alike, of course it is going to sway voters. What do we do? We talk and talk and talk. We say “It's not true”. We say “The Ryan plan does nothing to change Medicare for those 55 and over, and it mumble mumble mumble.......or in Charlie Brownese “hanwha whawawnhanahn wah wan”.

How about this instead. Put your imagination caps on here:

Television Commercial

Opening Scene:

(It is a beautiful spring day, we hear soft upbeat spring-like music in the background. Look-a-likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, all wearing coke bottle thick glasses are pushing a wagon with Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and two children through a meadow. Blindly pushing the wagon forward, it comes to the edge of a cliff and tumbles over. Barack, Nancy and Harry throw their hands up and mouths open in surprise)

Voice over: With no plan to repair Medicare, the Administration and the Democrats in Congress are blindly pushing us all off a cliff.

Background noise: Family screaming as they fall!

Cut to: (We see Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, and several other prominent Republicans holding a large blanket emblazoned with the words Ryan Plan. One by one they catch the falling family members and safely place them all on the ground)

Voice over: Paul Ryan and the Republicans have shown real leadership with a budget proposal that saves Medicare for all of our seniors, and insures health insurance will be there for everyone when we reach our golden years. Don't let those who have no ideas of their own use lies and distortions to scare you. We have an answer that will preserve what was promised, and protect all of us in the future.

Fade to black

“Elect Jane Corwin and preserve our future.” appears on the black background.

Instead Ms. Corwin tried to run from the Ryan plan and it cost her the election.

Unfortunately the demagoguery from the left side of the aisle works. I would not be so offended if it was at least based loosely on the truth. What is missing on the right side of the aisle is not an understanding of what is needed or what works in terms of policy, but an understanding of how to get the message out. We really do need more catchy phrases, and more ways to boil the message down to a thirty second television commercial.

If you folks need ideas, just ask me, I've got a million of them.

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