Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fixing the Deficit All by Myself

In the current debt ceiling and deficit talks, one of the major things missing is talk about growth. If Mr. Obama is so intent on raising revenue, he could do it all by himself. Taxing oil companies seems to be high on his priority list. All he has to do to generate more revenue from both oil and coal producers is to let them produce!

According to Fineberg Research in 2006, the Federal Government collects about $0.47 for every barrel of oil produced in the US. With approximately two trillion barrels of oil proven, but untapped oil, that represents almost a trillion dollars of untapped revenue. The oil isn't being produced due largely to regulation from the EPA and the Obama administration. In addition to the direct revenue from the “evil” oil companies, this untapped reserve also represents thousands and thousands of jobs. These jobs are not just directly in the oil fields, but would be created by supporting the new oil field hires. They all would have more money to spend on consumer items, a boon for the local economies where the oil is located, and a boon for the unemployment rate.

I'm going to lose points with this one, I know, but here goes. The National Marijuana market is estimated to be about 100 Billion dollars per year. It is rather silly to argue about the health risks of Marijuana, when alcohol is perfectly legal and is the third leading cause of lifestyle related deaths behind tobacco and obesity. The revenue derived from legalizing it would be significant, not enough to solve the deficit problem, but again it would create thousands of jobs, and people who work pay taxes. Farmers, farm machinery manufacturers, and merchants would all benefit from its legalization.

Get the NLRB and other regulators to back off. Boeing is trying to create thousands of high-paying jobs in manufacturing, but Obama's NLRB is stopping them. This is a real shame, especially since aircraft are one of our major exports.

Repeal Obamacare and save $1.2 trillion instantly! In addition to the instant savings, this one measure alone would release trillions of dollars in pent up capital. Business would feel more confident about expanding their operations, and entrepreneurs would feel more confident about going into business. The tanning tax alone has already cost 24,000 jobs and closed 3100 small businesses.

Growing GDP by just 5% per year would add $100 billion to the revenue stream, and an unemployment rate of 6% would more than double that!

Yes, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security need to be addressed, soon, and with common sense. But there are solutions to our deficit problems which should be implemented with all due haste, and none of them have to do with changing the depreciation rate on private jets!

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