Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Does the Buck Stop?

Last night we heard the President of the United States once again take to the microphone and lecture us about the debt crisis. While I listened very carefully to what he said, I was saddened. It was little different from many speeches he has given recently with no plan, no new information, and very little truth.

There was a time in America when we were proud of the leader of our country. There was a time when, rightly or wrongly, we trusted what he said. There was a time when we could tell our children to be inspired by his words, to look up to him and aspire to the quality of his character.

It is no longer that time. Our country has a serious problem. We are spending our children into indentured servitude, slavery as it were. We are digging for them a hole from which they will find it impossible to extract themselves. Everyone knows this, it is self-evident.

A man with integrity, with strength of character, a man of leadership, would take bold action. He would acknowledge the elephant in the room and recognize that when one finds one's self at the bottom of a deep hole, the wise course is to stop digging.

What did we hear from our President last night? First of all, blame Bush. Nothing new here. Second, scare people. He once again threatened senior citizens by offering to withhold their Social Security checks. The problem is that threat is an outright lie, and designed only to maintain a hold on his power, and to urge us to let him make the hole deeper with a backhoe, rather than a shovel. How am I to teach my daughter the value of honesty when the President of the United States knows very well that he cannot stop the Social Security payments, even if he wanted to. There are 2.6 trillion dollars of treasury notes in the Social Security trust fund. Those treasury notes are already there, and are not affected by the debt ceiling. Mr. Obama knows that they can be negotiated in order to pay our seniors, and that the law requires him to do so.

He threatens default on our debt, when he also knows full well that there is more than enough money coming into the treasury on a monthly basis to service our debt, pay our soldiers, and cover our most pressing obligations.

There is no integrity in this man. He is concerned with his own political future, period. How can I point to the Office of the President of The United States, and tell my daughter how great this country is? How can I talk about the principals which made America the most desirable place in the world to live, when we have such a blatant ego-maniacal liar for our leader?

He has offered no plan. He has obstructed every sensible plan offered. He has stood squarely in front of every effort of business to grow our economy, from denying permits for oil and coal exploration, to blocking manufacturing plant expansion, to taxing tanning salons out of business.

So we should hand him a larger shovel, a mechanized shovel with which to bury us and our posterity? Should we allow this man to heap further debt upon the heads of our children while continuing to limit their opportunities for the future? Should we sell our children into never ending servitude to a government whose leader cannot muster up the intellectual honesty to admit he might be wrong about anything?

I say NO! I say not while I still have the ability to speak for the lovely young woman who is my daughter! This is my country. I earned the money the federal leviathan extracts from my pocket every two weeks. It is NOT your money Mr. President. I do NOT agree to make the payments on the debt you wish to incur on behalf of my daughter and me. Many brave souls gave their lives to extract themselves and their descendants from the yoke of Tyranny and if it becomes necessary, many more will. If the buck will not stop with you Mr. President, then I say the buck stops here, with me and mine!

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