Friday, July 22, 2011

Gang of Six Hustled by Democrats!

I listened very carefully to Sean Hannity's interview of Saxby Chambliss on Thursday, and I am convinced that the so called Gangland of Six were set up by the Democrats and Barrack Obama.

Senator Chambliss maintained that the gang had been meeting for about a year to come up with a deficit reduction package. He insisted that they never had any intention of competing with Cut, Cap and Balance and were not that close to an agreement. He seemed genuinely shocked that people were upset with the gang for their work, or their final work product. One thing he said, that Hannity seemed to miss because Sean was so angry, was that on Tuesday, the day of the House vote on Cut, Cap and Balance, the three Democratic members of the gang suddenly capitulated to what was at the time, the Republican position!

Senator Chambliss seemed genuinely surprised that the Democrats suddenly dropped the rest of their objections to the current negotiations and moved to the Republican position. Happy with their sudden victory after a year of negotiations, Mr. Chambliss, and I suppose the other two Republicans on the committee, never gave a thought to the timing of the agreement. Happy to have reached a deal after so long, they went about their business without a care.

At that moment, our Liar in Chief must have gotten the phone call he was waiting for, knowing it was coming because he orchestrated the deception. He must have told the Mafia of Three to move to the Republican position so he could run out and interrupt Jay Carney's news conference. Obama made his “stop the presses” announcement, thereby undermining the House's vote on Cut, Cap and Balance.

In terms of public policy, there is no question that Obama is incompetent, unless he IS actually trying to destroy this country and everything it stands for, but politically he is every bit as slippery as Bill Clinton was! Do not take this man for granted my fellow patriots. If he is to be defeated it will require great skill!

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