Saturday, July 16, 2011

Patrick Henry Revisited

On March 22, 1765 the British Parliament passed a law they will forever regret. It required the colonies in America to purchase paper for all legal documents from England, thereby subjecting them to a tax. This tax extended even to playing cards.

It was not the amount of the tax to which some independent minded colonists objected, but the principal of the tax and its precedent. For the first time, a tax was imposed on the colonists to raise revenue rather than to regulate commerce. This law was the catalyst that eventually led to the American Revolution.

Let us give that some thought in the light of our current situation. The crux of the problem was that the tax was passed over the objection of the people upon whom it was imposed. They had no representation in the British parliament, and when they passed some resolutions in the Virginia legislature which opposed the new tax, the British governor of Virginia disbanded the House of Burgesses (the Virginia Legislature).

It has been said that "he who forgets is doomed to repeat". Our current debt limit crisis is one made of a similar situation. While in theory, we have representation in the body that is itching to again raise taxes, the states house, the US Senate, our representatives there seem prepared to completely ignore the wishes of the majority of the people they presume to represent. In fact, they seem willing to abdicate their responsibility all together, and hand a blank check over to our Spender in Chief in the White House. An act of this horrendous irresponsibility would be akin to King George and his minions disbanding the Virginia House of Burgesses!

The tyranny, however, is more subtle in our situation. The taxes to be imposed, verily already imposed, are taxes upon those whom have ABSOLUTELY no representation to protect themselves from the slavery being foisted upon them, save the representation WE can provide. They have yet to be born, or reach the age of consent. They are our children and grandchildren.

Set aside for a moment, the legislation and regulation which has already been shoved down our collective throats by either last minute, back room negotiations and maneuvering, as is the case with Obamacare, or the mountains of regulation we are forced to abide by without our consent; imposed on us be Executive Edict, or edict of his Czars. Let us turn our attention to the fact that our children and grandchildren already face a mountain of debt they did not create, nor vote for, and whose obligations will extract an ever larger and larger share of the fruits of their labor. If this is not the definition of Tyranny, I don't know what is. We are in effect selling our children into slavery. And for what? So our Dictator in Chief, and his agreeable bobble heads in the Senate can enrich their friends and supporters, and try to cement themselves in the seats of power which insures the slavery will continue? Hundreds of billions to Jeff Immelt at GE, Hundreds of millions to the Labor Unions, and millions and millions more to the lapdog media!

What is the President's response. Blatant outright lies and fantasies that 80% of the public agrees with him, and that he has no responsibility to end the tyranny. I, for one, must agree with Patrick Henry, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, and my children, give us Liberty....Or give us death!"

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  1. Well put! I'm surprised at both the private - and now pubilc - suggestions that the revolution will not be stopped if there are more usurpation's of our rights.