Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Casualties of War

In the ongoing liberal War on Prosperity, the most recent causality is Switzerland. The flight from the dollar and the euro have put increasing upward pressure on the Swiss franc, making their exports more expensive for the rest of the world and pushing some Swiss companies to the edge of viability thus expanding the front to one of the few remaining stable countries in the world.

In our own misbegotten economy we see community banks like the Main Street Bank in Kingwood Tx, and coal operators such as Ronnie Bryant in Birmingham Al, simply give up and close their doors rather than try to negotiate the mountain of regulation heaped up before them by the divisions of anti-prosperity troops in the various departments of poverty that have become our federal overseers.

From hospitals, to banks, from oil drillers to light bulb manufacturers, even solar companies now that their federal taxpayer stolen largess has run out, from car dealers to tanning salons, businesses large and small have taken the brunt of the fire and unless one is an Obama supporter like GE and Lockheed-Martin, or a Union leader, or have a national media outlet to offer for propaganda distribution, one is in the enemy camp and subject to a constant barrage of grenades and mortar fire as the administration pushes forward in it's attempt to subjugate our once great nation to its will.

What is the end game for the War on Prosperity, especially now that public opinion now seems to be tiring of the conflict? As re-election of the Commander in Chief begins to be called into question by even some of those loyalists in the main stream media, how will the Administration and the leaders of the Democratic faction hold on to power and finish their campaign to enslave the rest of us and our children?

This writer hopes his visions of the future are simply paranoia born of the endless onslaught against the freedom and prosperity once exemplified in our founding documents and institutions. So chock the following up to the mindless ravings of a patriot feeling disenfranchised by forty years of ever advancing progressivism. But be aware. Watch for the signs. If you see what the writer is about to foretell come to pass, then take cover, for the end of the greatest experiment in self-governance and freedom is near.

The writer hopes not to be giving aid, comfort, and ideas to the enemy, but it must be stated. One cannot help but observe the growing unrest and rioting in places like Greece, Spain and Great Brittan where those progressives ahead of us have already run out of other people's money to borrow or confiscate. The writer notes that their youth have been lulled into massive unemployment and continual expectation that the necessities of life will be provided for them, without effort or participation on their part. Now that the largess must be curtailed, those youth have decided to simply take, rather than wait for things to be given. Looting, burning and rioting seem to be the order of the day.

With re-election in doubt for the Obama crowd, perhaps the end game in the War on Prosperity is aligned with the youth of Brittan. We have already seen the rise of flash mobs in some of our cities. We are witnessing the encroachment of liberty, ostensibly to protect us from the violence. In Philadelphia a nine o'clock curfew is in place. In San Francisco, access to communication has been suspended on the rail system. In Oakland curfews are being discussed. Flash mobs have turned larcenous in Chicago and Wisconsin.

Is it possible that our great community organizer has plans to use the vast conglomeration of fomenters in his various and sundry organizations like the SEIU, moveon.org, the AFLCIO, Code Pink and others to incite enough riots so he can declare martial law. Once declared either change his fortunes in the election by showing “leadership” or maintain power by scrubbing the elections altogether like Rudy Giuliani tried to do in the wake of 911? This writer's hope is that the answer is no. Yet he cannot help the feeling, nagging at the back of his mind, that as re-election hopes dim, and the Commander in Chief becomes ever more desperate to hold sway at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just such a turn of events may come to pass. 

The writer wonders if all the weapons from Fast and Furious have been accounted for.

Ah the ravings of a lunatic mind.

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