Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama's War on Prosperity Continues

As the Vice President makes no objection to the accusation that the Tea Party are terrorists, the real terror is being foisted on the American public by the Administration's ongoing War on Prosperity. Aided by his obedient Democratic soldiers in the United States Senate, Big Union Labor Leaders, and the National Press, the Obama Administration pursues it's frontal assault on the nation's economy and the those who would lift it out of malaise.

Before the debt ceiling bill, which no one on either side of the aisle nor Wall Street likes, was even signed Tim Geithner was busy heaping another massive $600 billion of debt upon our unsuspecting children and grandchildren, further insuring their indentured servitude for generations to come.

Then Yesterday, another General in the War on Prosperity, Ray LaHood mounted a fresh assault on the American Farmer, by proposing a new requirement that anyone operating farm machinery, even on their own farm, must hold a Commercial Driver's License. What possible rationale can there be for that, other than to make it increasingly difficult for the family farm to eek out an existence while they do their best to provide the rest of us with sustenance, and to give the government a greater hold on the means of food production in our country?

The front lines of the War on Prosperity are many and varied. By edict issued from the Commander in Chief, all health insurers are now required to provide, free of charge, birth control and other reproductive services to all insured women. After the ObamaCare takeover of the entire health care system is complete, this edict will encompass all women. By requiring all insurers to now cover the co-pays for these services, Mr. Obama has increased the cost of health insurance for everyone, and made it just that much harder for any employer to hire additional employees.

The ObamaCare munition in the War on Prosperity has already taken its toll on tanning salons, some 3100 of whom have closed their doors resulting in the loss of 24,000 jobs. This due to a ten percent tax on tanning. The law continues to provide tremendous uncertainty for those who would like to hire, but find it impossible to compute the cost of doing so, and therefore do not.

Another front is lead by Big Labor, with heavy supporting fire from the National Labor Relations board. The NLRB is currently obstructing the hiring of thousands of manufacturing workers in South Carolina. At issue is the expansion of a Boeing Manufacturing plant in that state. Boeing wants to hire, workers want to work and the jobs are good high paying jobs, but the NLRB stands squarely in the way because of the workers right to choose against union membership in that state.

Meanwhile, the battalion lead by GE CEO Jeff Immelt, the Director of the administration's job council, has sent his corporation's medical unit to China, along with that unit's manufacturing jobs.

Leading the PR campaign in the War on Prosperity are the national press who either ignore the devastating effects this Administration's policies are having on our economy, or defend them.

On the science and technology front, NASA's space shuttle program has been brought to a halt, costing another nine to thirty thousand good jobs, and killing an unknowable quantity scientific and technological advances the program may have continued to produce.

The environmental army, meanwhile, pushes it's advance on the energy producers, preventing the mining of coal, the completion of pipelines, and the production of oil. This front, by far the largest against the unemployed is estimated to be preventing the creation of over a million jobs. From light bulbs, to low flow toilets, to washing machines, the EPA continues to lob grenades at manufacturers of every kind of good they can think of. It is estimated that their recent new CAFE standards requiring automobile manufacturers to produce cars averaging over 50 miles per gallon will cost another 200,000 jobs.

Why is this Administration waging the War on Prosperity? What they say is that “Millionaires, Billionaires, Private Jet Owners and Oil Companies should pay their fair share” of the tax burden. The fact that the top 10% of Income Tax payers already pay 70% of the Income Tax, and the bottom 47% pay no Income Tax makes no difference to them, because who pays the tax is not what they mean by “fair”. What they mean by fairness is sameness. In other words, everyone should have the same amount of goods and services. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve sameness is to lower everyone to the least common denominator. All socialist philosophy works that way in practice. The problem is that it doesn't work. It requires that the means of production be eventually transferred to the state. And all work be performed for the state, and that compensation be equal for everyone. That is what the War on Prosperity is designed to do. Rather than echo John F. Kennedy's proclamation that a rising tide lifts all boats, the Obama regime has decided to lower all boats to the bottom to achieve equality. Unfortunately we will be equally poor and disenfranchised. This philosophy fails to take human nature into account. Humans are by their nature competitive, and some will always rise above others. The difference between free market capitalism and socialism is that the latter requires force for the elite to rise to and maintain their power, while the former requires ingenuity.

No wonder those on the left see the Tea Party as terrorists. They ARE terrified. As more and more of the American public figure out what the left is up to, the left begins to lose their ability to further enslave them. Just as King George viewed Madison, Jefferson, Washington, and Paine as revolutionaries, so must the Washington elite view the Tea Party. The Tea Party wants the same thing that those early patriots did, freedom from tyranny!

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