Monday, August 1, 2011

A Sad Day for America

Well, Congress just voted your children's future down the drain. Aren't you happy? Not only did they vote your children's future prosperity away, but also their freedom. As they have for a century, again they have given away their constitutional power and concentrated it in the hands of a few so they can avoid the responsibility they were granted by their election to our House of Representatives.

This is truly a sad day for America. The great experiment is over. Apparently mankind is not capable of governing itself. We have, by our apathy, voted away our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have traded it for American Idol, Earned Income Credit, and free condoms.

We have decided we need our Government to be our nanny, she can tell us what to eat, which light bulbs and toilets to buy, and how much of our labor we must devote to care for those who refuse to care for themselves.

I watched with disgust the debate on Harry Reid's debt ceiling bill in the House. I could not believe the self-interest displayed by those on the left side of the aisle. None of them cared a whit that our country is bankrupt, they only were concerned that they weren't getting enough money to spend, and they might not get political credit for raising the debt ceiling. They called it compromise. I was gratified when that bill failed, only to be dashed by today's passage of a bill which is much worse!

Webster defines insolvent as “unable to pay debts as they fall due in the usual course of business”. When we spend $300 billion dollars a month, and take in $200 billion dollars a month we ARE insolvent. The American government IS bankrupt NOW! When we point that out, and try to do something about it, they call us terrorists!

So what now? Our nation's credit rating is going to be downgraded because we are insolvent. Our interest rates are going to go up. The old people and the less fortunate that the Democrats claim to want to help are all going to be worse off now, as prices and unemployment rise.

There are no cuts in this bill. It is based on standard Washington baseline budgeting, meaning that spending INCREASES by 8% every year. So instead of adding 10 trillion dollars to the national debt over the next ten years, we are only going to add seven trillion...maybe. And we get tax increases, as the scoring was done assuming the Bush tax cuts would expire, giving us the largest tax increase in history!

American Idol is still on television, though, so I guess all is well.

God help us all!

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